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If you need a consistent and precise bending capability in your metal fabricating process then investment in a plate or section bending machine is a must. With a wide range of bending machines now available on the market which one should you choose, and what are the factors that could, or should influence your choice? We offer advice on buying a bending machine here.

With a well-established management and technical team we have more than 30 years of expertise in the metal fabrication machine and forming machine tool industries. To help you choose which plate or section bending machine is best suited to your specific requirements read our advice on buying a bending machine below. Alternatively, take a look at the SweBend range of bending machines here. We choose to work with bending machine specialists, SweBend and highly recommend their range of three roll and four roll plate bending, precision section bending and angle bending machinery.


  • Ensure the bending machine is suitable for the required component specification and can achieve your required output at maximum load.
  • Always inspect and test bend the section or plate bending machine before placing your order.
  • Insist on a test bend prior to the bending machine leaving the workshop. Request a this is cut to a size specified by you and make sure you’re present when the test bend is done.
  • Establish that service and support is UK-based.
  • Ensure spares are easily obtainable.
  • Request full information on the warranty available with the bending machine.
  • Remember that higher yield steel is now more commonly used. Many bending capacity graphs/tables are often for lower yield so bear in mind that if the yield goes up 40% you will need 40% more force to bend it.


SweBend Plate Bending machine 1

Technical parameters:

  • Drive torque

  • Available bending force

  • Pump capacity

  • Flow rate in the hydraulic system

Comparison parameters:

  • Operating costs

  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

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Always stipulate the capacity requirement and an acceptance test

SweBend Plate Bending Machine

Acceptance Test Parameters:

  • Yield strength of the material

  • Bending radius to be achieved

  • Maximum remaining flat end by pre-bending


Our advice on buying a second-hand bending machine is to buy from the original manufacturer or their authorised partner if possible because only they can provide reconditioned and fully factory-tested second-hand bending machines.

Reconditioning by the manufacturer or the authorised partner means the bending machine is restored to original condition because it’s completely dismantled and reconstructed from scratch including the latest control, electrical and electronic devices, hydraulics etc. It also enables the latest safety features to be installed which will ensure the bending machine is compliant with the latest standards (in Europe this means the machine earns the CE mark).

If this option isn’t available to you please bear in mind that purchasing a used bending machine elsewhere can be risky. Wear and tear on machine components, outdated controls, misaligned components, improper repairs and structural integrity are just some of the many significant concerns so it’s important you conduct a thorough evaluation before making any purchase.

To help you do this we’ve compiled some additional questions you can ask to ensure that the second-hand bending machine is capable of providing the necessary reliability and output.

SweBend Plate Bending Machine
  • Have any structural alterations been made to the bending machine?
  • What was the bending machine designed to do? Component geometry, material, and output quantity are three main factors to consider.
  • Ask to see the service contract and record to determine sufficient service life.
  • Ask to see the bending machine’s warranty.
  • Insist on a full test before making the purchase. The control must show no errors, the mechanics must not be worn, and the machine must be complete in terms of its components. Every axis must work properly
  • Is the rating plate in place and does it match the bending machine?
  • When was the bending machine last used?
  • Are complete operating instructions for the bending machine present, including all maintenance documentation and wiring diagrams? Are they written in the language used by your company’s operators and maintenance personnel?
  • Are all the current safety regulations completely fulfilled?
  • Does the bending machine control show errors in test mode?
  • Does the mechanical system seem stable in test mode (no play, unusual noises, or signs of excessive wear)?

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SweBend Spiralling flights and augers

Repair, Service & Support

Unrivalled experience in service and repair plus access to original machine data files and support from OEMs means we can deliver fast, cost effective resolutions to ensure that your machines are always up and fully operational. We offer a variety of technical support packages tailored to your individual needs and machine requirements with the provision of daily, weekly, and monthly service checks between annual services plus intervention in the case of unplanned maintenance or breakdown and training for customer engineers enabling more autonomy.

Repair Service Support

Roundo Spare Parts

In April 2016, following a bankruptcy and ownership transition, Roundo® closed operations in Sweden. WJS Machine Tools is able to offer full technical support and service to Roundo machine owners in the UK  with our access to a huge stock of parts and support to keep your Roundo machinery running at full potential for many years to come. In addition, with access to former Roundo engineers as well as electronics and design staff, WJS Machine Tools are without doubt best placed to provide support in the UK for these machines.

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“Our business succeeds on the Worldwide market by delivering quality parts, on time and at a competitive cost. Often, our major structural contracts are won on capability to deliver against challenging designs in a world of ever more complicated geometries. Working with WJS Machine Tools and their partners has allowed us to develop machines for this purpose”

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