SweBend are bending machine specialists, manufacturing the strongest, most sophisticated and most reliable bending machines on the market.

As the authorised UK partner for SweBend we supply their full range of cutting edge three roll and four roll plate bending, precision section bending, angle bending and forming machinery. All models can be equipped with control systems, ranging from simple handheld push button units up to the powerful and user friendly SweBend SEVEN CNC system.

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Swebend Section Bending Overview

Powerful hydraulic powered 3 and 4 roll section bending machines. Designed to be easily adaptable to virtually any requirement with a large selection of labour and time saving accessories. An optional rotating device, units for three-dimensional forming or a bending mandrel for small diameters are all available. The machines are extremely sturdy, built with quality steel with more power than any other section bending machines on the market.

Standard range machine shaft diameters from 55-420 mm.

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Swebend Plate Bending Overview

Range of 3 and 4 roll plate bending machines, all equipped with extremely durable hardened rolls making them ideal for highly efficient manufacturing processes. High speeds and minimised cycle times achieved by high drive torque. From lighter capacity models for thinner plates to the massive heavy duty models the design and powerful construction ensures spring-back is minimised and an optimum bending result guaranteed.

Top roll diameters from 100-900 mm, lengths from 500 mm – 8 metre.

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SweBend Seven CNC Overview

Upgrade old and new machines with Swebend’s SEVEN CNC Control System to achieve razor-sharp accuracy. Offering better quality and performance as well as increased production rates due to improved positioning accuracy and repeatability. Designed to fit all machines giving a familiar interface, this powerful operating environment can easily accommodate for minor variations giving you ultimate control over all rolling processes.

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Swebend Forming Machine Overview

Bespoke order, tailor-made forming machines for the production of flanges, small, medium and large, rim production, welding positioners etc.

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Swebend Flights Augers Spiralling Overview

Specialty machines for flights, augers and conveyors including normal spiralling of flat bar, pipe and angle. All machines have blue tooth control units for precision manufacturing.

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Why Choose SweBend Bending Machines?

WJS Tick Lowest total cost of ownership

Greatly reduced previous production times as well as reduced learning time and skill training.

WJS Tick  Number One Bending Machine Specialist

SweBend bending machines have heavily proportioned frames and mechanical parts using only top hydraulic and electronic components with cutting edge quality and induction hardened roll forgings and bearings from SKF throughout.

WJS Tick  Highest possible shaft support

Their bending machines boast the strongest available shafts on the market; shafts are always journaled with SKF bearings and have the highest drive torque and rotation speed, which helps to minimise cycle time and maximise quality and output.

WJS Tick  Operator friendly controls

All SweBend bending machines can be equipped with control systems, ranging from handheld push button units through to full CNC with 7.

Swebend Manaufacturing 2

SweBend manufacture the strongest and most user-friendly section and plate bending machines in the market.

Available in a comprehensive range of sizes, from the smallest machine, the SB3B-55 designed for narrow and small jobs through a range of standard machines up to the giant Eliminator-400, customer specific bending machines and special capacities are also available as well as forming machines and a powerful and easy to use CNC system.



SweBend – SB4B-65 CNC ellipsehis

Swedish Quality Bending & Forming Machines

SweBend VSB3 400-3200 H-profile bend

Swebend Section Bending Machine SB3S 105

SweBend Spiralling flights and augers

SweBend Plate Roll PB4 12

SweBend VSB3 400-3200 Angle-shape Bend

SweBend Spiralling flights and augers

“Our business succeeds on the Worldwide market by delivering quality parts, on time and at a competitive cost. Often, our major structural contracts are won on capability to deliver against challenging designs in a world of ever more complicated geometries. Working with WJS Machine Tools and their partners has allowed us to develop machines for this purpose”

CB – Section Bending Specialist