SweBend & Roundo Machinery FAQs

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What is the difference between SweBend 3 and 4 roll machines?

Generally, 3 roll machines are better suited for bending companies that perform many unique bending operations and require high versatility. 3 Roll machines are mostly delivered with manual controls and depend totally on the experience and skill of the operator.

4 roll machines are better suited for repetitive series production and are almost always equipped with SweBend’s powerful CNC to create Precise Bends time after time with the highest precision. Many 4 roll machines used for production of lighter parts are integrated into robot loaded cells with automatic load and offload. A shorter straight end on the leading edge is available with 4 roll systems.

Swebend 3 and 4 roll bending

I have a unique profile/shape/material. Is it possible to bend?

SweBend specialise in tailored bending and forming machines. Please send us your specifications and we’ll advise on what is possible.

How long does a complete machine upgrade or control change typically take?

SweBend have put much thought into this system to reduce the upgrade time and learning curve, and we are pleased to tell you that we can do both the upgrade and training in just 3 days – keeping your production stop at a minimum!

Is the machine upgrade/control change just for SweBend machines?

No SweBend’s Seven CNC Control System is suitable for ANY brand and type of rolling machine and also offers optional integration with your auxilliary equipment such as robots, material handling equipment etc.

“Our business succeeds on the Worldwide market by delivering quality parts, on time and at a competitive cost. Often, our major structural contracts are won on capability to deliver against challenging designs in a world of ever more complicated geometries. Working with WJS Machine Tools and their partners has allowed us to develop machines for this purpose”

CB – Section Bending Specialist

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