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There’s no denying the serious limitations that obsolete or inadequate controls can cause to your bending machine

Previously the only way to eliminate these issues required the significant capital expense of a new machine but technology advances from SweBend mean a simple technology upgrade could now be all you need.

Suitable for all brands and types of rolling machine our machine customisations and control upgrades deliver impressive and proven increases of precision, speed and reliability for your production. Not only that, taking a maximum of just 3 days (including training) minimum downtime is guaranteed.



  • Suitable for ANY rolling machine

  • Eliminates guess work from your rolling

  • Provides ultimate control over the entire rolling process with IRMA (In Line Measurement Adapter) to easily accommodate minor material variations.

  • Designs any possible shape or creates precise production planning by estimating the cycle time and calculating valuable data in your preferred time-scale.

  • Complete upgrade/control change in 3 days

Match to your specific requirements, choose from:

  • CPUs with differing processing speedsSuitable for ANY rolling machine

  • Touch screen monitors from 6.5” to 19”rk from your rolling

  • Enhanced software features

  • Optimise the number of CNC-controlled axes for your bending requirements




Typical 3 Day Machine Conversion

First Day
  • Machine functions tested and verified.
  • Data from old system read out if possible.
  • Cabinet rebuilt and control panel swapped to new one.
Second Day
  • Software tuned to get optimal results for speed and accuracy from machine.
  • Operators trained in programming the software.
Third Day
  • Training continues.
  • Finished with operators assisted in writing some of the old programs in SEVEN.

Read more about SweBend’s SEVEN CNC Control Systems

CNC Brochure

Download the Seven CNC brochure from Swebend, for specific and detailed information on The Seven CNC control system.

Download PDF

Repair, Service & Support

Unrivalled experience in service and repair plus access to original machine data files and support from OEMs means we can deliver fast, cost effective resolutions to ensure that your machines are always up and fully operational. We offer a variety of technical support packages tailored to your individual needs and machine requirements with the provision of daily, weekly, and monthly service checks between annual services plus intervention in the case of unplanned maintenance or breakdown and training for customer engineers enabling more autonomy.

Repair Service Support

Roundo Spare Parts

In April 2016, following a bankruptcy and ownership transition, Roundo® closed operations in Sweden. WJS Machine Tools is able to offer full technical support and service to Roundo machine owners in the UK  with our access to a huge stock of parts and support to keep your Roundo machinery running at full potential for many years to come. In addition, with access to former Roundo engineers as well as electronics and design staff, WJS Machine Tools are without doubt best placed to provide support in the UK for these machines.

“Our business succeeds on the Worldwide market by delivering quality parts, on time and at a competitive cost. Often, our major structural contracts are won on capability to deliver against challenging designs in a world of ever more complicated geometries. Working with WJS Machine Tools and their partners has allowed us to develop machines for this purpose”

CB – Section Bending Specialist


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