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Often the mechanics of a machine will outlast the electrics many times over which means controls can become obsolete or inadequate. This can cause serious limitations to both production rates and the precision performance of your bending machine.

The good news is that there is now a way to increase production and improve quality on your rolling operation that doesn’t require the purchase of a new machine. Technology advances from SweBend mean a simple technology upgrade could be all you need.

The SEVEN CNC control system developed by SweBend can be retrofitted onto old machines and is suitable for all brands and types of rolling machine including old Roundo machines.

Through this quick and simple control upgrade impressive and proven increases of precision, speed and reliability can be delivered for the production process. Not only that but minimum downtime is guaranteed as it takes a maximum of just 3 days for upgrade and training to be completed.

SweBend’s SEVEN CNC Control System

Perfectly matched to your requirements

The SEVEN CNC Control is available in several versions depending on your specific requirements. Choose from CPUs with differing processing speeds, touch screen mm monitors from 6.5. 19., enhanced software features and the number of CNC-controlled axes.

All SEVEN CNC controls feature components from Beckhoff of Germany ensuring top quality and a stable hardware platform for years to come, and all systems come with online support via Team Viewer to assist with programming questions and troubleshooting.

In addition, the SEVEN CNC Control can be adapted to integrate auxiliary equipment, such as robots, material handling equipment, etc.

Key Benefits
  • Suitable for ANY rolling machine
  • Eliminates guess work from your rolling
  • Provides ultimate control over the entire rolling process with IRMA (In Line Measurement Adapter) to easily accommodate minor material variations.
  • Designs any possible shape or creates precise production planning by estimating the cycle time and calculating valuable data in your preferred time-scale.
  • Complete upgrade/control change in 3 days
  • Match to your specific requirements, choose from:
  • CPUs with differing processing speeds
  • Touch screen monitors from 6.5” to 19”
  • Enhanced software features
  • Optimise the number of CNC-controlled axes for your bending requirements
Key Features
  • Adaptable: It’s not unsual for workshops to have a variety of brands and types of rolling machines. SEVEN is designed to fit all of them and not only that it gives operators a familiar user interface regardless of the type of machine they are using which drastically reduces the learning curve required.
  • Affordable: Using standard components and SweBend’s extensive experience provides the best system for your machines. Combined with minimum downtime for upgrades, disruption to production is minimised.
  • Faster: Not only is the system faster and easier to use, it also makes machine performance better allowing increased production rates and improved quality due to improved positioning accuracy and repeatability.
  • Expandable: Being able to add additional functionality to a machine is critical to maintaining competitiveness. A new product may need a different type of support or tooling but there’s no need to buy a new machine because SEVEN is adaptable for almost any accessory providing easy integration with your auxiliary equipment, such as robots, material handling equipment, etc. into the CNC control for accurate and repeatable operation.
  • Online assistance: Troubleshooting, technical support and operator training are all available and only a click away via TeamViewer.
  • User Friendly: A familiar interface ensures operators are quickly up and running to maximise productivity.
  • Futureproof: Standardised, quality components from Beckhoff of Germany ensure that SweBend’s SEVEN provides a stable hardware platform for many years to come.



Typical 3 Day Machine Conversion

First Day
  • Machine functions tested and verified.
  • Data from old system read out if possible.
  • Cabinet rebuilt and control panel swapped to new one.
Second Day
  • Software tuned to get optimal results for speed and accuracy from machine.
  • Operators trained in programming the software.
  • Training continues.
  • Finished with operators assisted in writing some of the old programs in SEVEN.
Read more about SweBend’s SEVEN CNC Control Systems here >>

Download the SEVEN CNC brochure from SweBend, for specific and detailed information on the SEVEN CNC Control System.

CNC Brochure
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