SB4 Series Section Bending Machines

The SweBend SB4 Four Roll Section Bending Machine Series  starts with the SB4B-55 and ranges up to the SB4-240S. The machines are extremely sturdy in design and have more power compared to any other section bending machine on the market.

  • Number of rolls – 4-rolls
  • Operation – hydraulic
  • Sheet thickness: Min: 2mm / Max: 200mm
  • Sheet size: Min: 1000mm / Max: 12000mm
  • Type ‘B’ is the basic model without guide rolls
  • Type ‘S” is with fully hydraulic guide rolls, allowing users to bend and compensate/correct all types of sections
  • Both types have the same geometry and capacities
SB4 Section Bending Machine Product Overview

Standard Equipment

  • Polished roll surface
  • Automatic prebending and rolling
  • Tiltable bending rolls
  • Rotational speed variation
  • Oil cooling system
  • Double-pinch pyramid design, enabling pre-bend at both ends of the plate
  • Hardened & Ground roll
  • Electronic control of roll parallelism
  • Four digital readouts (= both roll ends)
  • Wireless control unit with joysticks
  • 3 hydraulic powered rolls by their own respective hydraulic motor
  • SKF bearings only
  • Top electrical & hydraulic components from the best suppliers.
  • Emergency stop button
  • CE-Certification

Optional Features

  • SEVEN – SweBend’s own trademarked Graphical CNC SYSTEM
  • Cone bending device (key or roll)
  • Material ejection devices
  • Special rolls with contour, grooves etc, to allow bending plates with flanges and/or ribs
  • ”Turbo Production” kits
  • Integration in production cells, including communication with other software systems
  • Changeable top roll for small diameters
  • Special color and design
  • Calibration Systems
  • Side supports
  • Top support with electric or hydraulic operation

SweBend design and produce the strongest and most user-friendly machines on the market with the highest drive torque and strongest bending power compared to any other plate roll of the same size.

  • Heavily proportioned machine frames and mechanical parts
  • Top components from the best suppliers.
  • High quality, hardened rolls
  • SKF components, the world famous Swedish Bearing Company.

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Model SB4B-55/SB4-55S SB4B65-SB4-65S SB4B-75/75S SB4B-105/SB4-105S
Rated Capacity cm3 7 11 16 50
Installed Power kW 3,0 4 5,5 11
Shaft diameter (top/lower) mm 55/55 65/65 75/75 105/105
Shaft diameter (side rolls) mm 55 65 65 75
Roll diameters Top/Lower (OD/drive) mm 175/140 195/150 225/175 310/250
Roll diameters Side rolls (OD/drive) mm 175/140 195/150 195/150 225/175
Free shaft length mm 125 135 160 230
Max daylight drive rolls mm 90 100 125 160
Drive on top and lower rolls Standard Standard Standard Standard
Variable rotation speed Standard Standard Standard Standard
Type of drive Electro-mechanic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Number of motors 1 2 2 2
Speed compensation top/lower rolls Slip Clutch Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Digital display for bending rolls Standard Standard Standard Standard
“S” Version (with guide rolls)
Guide Roll height adjustment Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Guide Roll turn adjustment Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Guide Roll length adjustment Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Digital display for Guide Rolls height Optional Optional Optional Optional
Combined execution Hor/Vert Optional Optional Optional Standard
Model SB4B-55/SB4-55S SB4B-65/SB4-65S SB4B-75/SB4-75S SB4B-105/SB4-105S
Angle leg out 50 x 50 x 5 60 x 60 x 6  75 x 75 x 8  100 x 100 x 14 (Wb=35)
Angle leg in 50 x 50 x 5 60 x 60 x 6  75 x 75 x 8  100 x 100 x 10 (Wb=25)
Flat bar X-X  50 x 15 to ID300 (wb=6,3)  60 x 15 to ID400 (wb=9)  80 x 15 to ID500 (wb=16)  100 x 30 to ID800 (wb=50)
80 x 40 to ID750 (wb=29)
Flat bar Y-Y  100 x 20 to ID400 (wb=7)  100 x 25 to ID500 (wb=11)  150 x 25 to ID500 (wb=16)  200 x 35 to ID500 (wb=41)
Square Bar  35 x 35 to ID400 (wb=7)  40 x 40 to ID500 (wb=11)  45 x 45 to ID750 (wb=15)  65 x 65 to ID800 (wb=46)
H Beam Y-Y (Max wb=5cm3) (Max wb=10cm3) (Max wb=15cm3) HEA140 to ID700 (wb=56)
HEB120 to ID700 (wb=53)
I Beam Y-Y IPE100 to ID750 (wb=5,8) IPE120 to ID750 (wb=8,7) IPE140 to ID750 (wb=12,3) IPE180 to ID750 (wb=22)
Channel Y-Y UNP65 x 42 to ID500 (wb=5) U100 x 50 to ID750 (wb=8,5) U140 x 60 to ID750 (wb=14,7) UNP180 to ID750 (wb=22)
UPE180 to ID750 (wb=29)
Rectangular tubing 50 x 20 x 3 (wb=4,4) 50 x 30 x 3 (wb=5,7) 60 x 40 x 4 (wb=11,5) 120 x 50 x 6 to ID3500 (wb=53)
Square tubing 35 x 35 x 4 (wb=4,3) 40 x 40 x 4 (wb=6,3) 50 x 50 x 5 (wb=12,3) 90 x 90 x 6 to ID3500 (wb=53)
Pipe ODxT 1-1/2″ sch.40/48 t5 to ID500 (wb=7) 2″ sch.40/60 t4 to ID600 (wb=9) 2-1/2″sch.40/73 t5 to ID750 (wb=18) 4″sch.40/115 t7 to ID1500 (wb=60)

“Our business succeeds on the Worldwide market by delivering quality parts, on time and at a competitive cost. Often, our major structural contracts are won on capability to deliver against challenging designs in a world of ever more complicated geometries. Working with WJS Machine Tools and their partners has allowed us to develop machines for this purpose”

CB – Section Bending Specialist

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