VSB3 Series Section Bending Machines

The SweBend VSB3 Series Section Bending Machine is a variable geometry machine that can roll all types of standard profiles such as pipe, structural tubing, flat bar, angle iron, beams, channel as well as various special sections.

Thanks to the unique possibility to adapt the geometry for each type of section the VSB can roll angle bar as easily as large H-beams. And since the guide rolls are always located as close as possible to the bending rolls, there will be less scrap compared to any other machine in these sizes.

  • Features variable centre distance between the two lower bending axes.
  • Pulling unit for rolling beams on X-X axis is an integral part of the central bending roll console.
  • Shafts of all 3 axes are easily interchangeable, a huge advantage if the customer already has their own tooling, since they can also be used on the new machine.
  • Bending roll shafts are supported at the top but still have the possibility for rapid tooling adjustment, which was not possible before.
  • Massively proportioned guide rolls are integrated with the housings for the lower roll shafts and thus optimally positioned during bending. This minimises the “scrap” offering huge long term savings.
  • Operator-friendly portable wireless control unit (Bluetooth) for all functions, including digital readouts.
SweBend VSB3 Section Bending Machine Product

Machine design is made with supported shafts whic adds numerous advantages such as reduced shaft sizes, higher accuracy and less costly tooling. Normall the disadvantage would be the tooling adjustment but not here because SweBend have solved this problem by allowing quick adjustment of the bending rolls when required to set up the next job ensuring efficiency and minimum set up time.

CNC System

Easily equipped with SweBend’s own SEVEN CNC sysem in Bronze, Silver or Gold versions, depending on requirements and optional equipment.

Optional equipment

Numerous options like combined execution with separate hydraulic power pack, lifting roll, twisting unit, special rolls, higher speeds, extended shafts etc

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Model VSB3-300-2100 VSB3-400-3200 VSB3-400-3200
Rated Capacity cm3 6000 13000 21000
Theoretical capacity cm3 7500 16500 26400
Maximum force from top roll ton 300 400 500
Minimum bending distance mm 900 1400 1600
Maximum bending distance mm 2100 3200 4000
Shaft diameter (top/lower) mm 280/240 380/300 400/360
Roll diameter Top shaft (OD/drive) mm 700/600 830/730 850/750
Roll diameter Lower shafts (OD/drive) mm 660/560 750/650 750/650
Free shaft length mm 700 1000 1100
Max daylight drive rolls mm 650 1000 1100
Maximum possible roll diameter mm 900 1250 1400
Max pipe rolls size 18″/457mm 24″/610mm 32″/813mm
Installed Power kW 67 75 160
Guide roll length mm 700 1050 1150
Number of motors 3 6 6

Capacities are valid for normal steel with yield point 260 N/mm2
Min. dia. depends on grade of deformation accepted.

Model VSB3-300-2100 VSB3-400-3200 VSB3-500-4000
 Angle leg out  200 x 200 x 28  200 x 200 x 28  200 x 200 x 28
 Angle leg in  200 x 200 x 28  200 x 200 x 28  200 x 200 x 28
 Flat bar X-X  300 x 100  500 x 100  500 x 150
 Flat bar Y-Y  700 x 125 (with extra rolls)  1000 x 150 (with extra rolls)  1000 x 180 (with extra rolls)
 Square bar  220 x 220 (with extra rolls)  300 x 300 (with extra rolls)  380 x 380 (with extra rolls)
 H-,I-,U-Beam Y-Y Max 650mm Max 800mm Max 1000mm
 Square/Rectangular tubing 400 x 400 x 16 400 x 400 x 20 400 x 400 x 20
 Pipe ODxT 18″,sch.60/457, t=19 24″,sch.60/610,t=25 32″,sch.60/813,t-25
 H-,I-,U-Beam X-X Max 400mm Max 800mm Max 1100mm

Capacities are valid for normal steel with yield point 260 N/mm2

Min. dia. depends on grade deformation accepted.

“Our business succeeds on the Worldwide market by delivering quality parts, on time and at a competitive cost. Often, our major structural contracts are won on capability to deliver against challenging designs in a world of ever more complicated geometries. Working with WJS Machine Tools and their partners has allowed us to develop machines for this purpose”

CB – Section Bending Specialist

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