Perforating Machines 2019-08-02T11:40:40+01:00


The Schwarze-Robitec perforating machines (TPM 1) punch complete rows of holes in tubes up to 2 mm wall thickness and can be used for tubes up to 70 mm diameter and 500 mm length and punches, perforates and cuts in one operation.

  • Tube support, supports the tube to be perforated
  • Positioning head, positions the tube in the machine
  • Tool holder, developed to hold two perforation tools
  • Cutting device, cuts the perforated tube to the required length
  • Hydraulic press, facilitates cutting, punching and perforating of the tube
  • Tool positioning device, positions the two perforation tools and the cutting device
  • Ejection device, ejects the finished tube
  • CNC control
  • Feeding unit
  • Tool changing system
  • Safety device

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