Sunrise Fluid Power Inc has been manufacturing hydraulic components and equipment for more than 50 years. As the authorised UK partner for Sunrise we supply their full range of ironworkers, punching machines and horizontal benders, in manual or with CNC.

Sunrise is ISO-9001 certified by BVQI, and their products meet the CE safety requirements and regulations. All key components of Sunrise ironworkers, punching machines etc. are made in-house at modern plant and automated production lines using the latest control system to ensure highly efficient production.

  • Single & dual operator designs
  • Fully automatic processing systems for plate & angle
  • Broadest range available on market
  • Wide variety of optional accessories including press brake attachments, pipe notchers & oversize punching kits
  • Highest reviews of any ironworker brand on the market today

To find out more please browse the product information below or use our machine selector tool and one of our technical team can assess and advise or drop us a line using this email link

Sunrise K-Series Ironworkers Overview

K-Series are specially designed ironworkers with vertical movement on all stations. The entire main slide moves in an up and down motion to provide optimum results for punching, shearing, notching and bending. Standard features include gauge tables, LED work light, electric back-gauge and more.

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Sunrise Single Cylinder Ironworkers Overview

Single Cylinder ironworkers from Sunrise offer a user-friendly and robust single-operator design. Wide range of features including adjustable stroke, swing away stripper and multiple tool options as well as punch gauge table with gauge bar, starter set of 11 punches and dies, die block for up to 40mm punch and complete tool kit.

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Sunrise Double Cylinder Ironworkers Overview

Sunrise Dual-Cylinder Ironworkers range from 60-165 tons capacity and feature high-speed cylinders with two-position foot pedals allowing two operators to work simultaneously.  Standard features include structural die-block, 5 independent stations, 2″ punch capacity and integrated structural steel shear.

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Sunrise Hydraulic Punching Machine Overview

From 35-200 tons of punching capacities with choice of different throat depths. Patented dual-piston hydraulic cylinders enable the machine to retract faster and make the cylinder slimmer. All optional tooling can also be utilised on the punch station of the dual-cylinder ironworkers, turning the punching machine into a truly universal machine.

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Sunrise CNC Automation Machines Overview

Delivering highly efficient and accurate positioning for improved productivity and can be mounted on any Sunrise dual cylinder or punching machine. The controller is easy to learn and operate, hydraulic clamps come with a pressure sensor for a strong grip on the material and the hydraulic stripper has exchangeable plates to suit a variety of punching operations.

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Sunrise Bending Machines Overview

Offers a wide range of tooling for different bending operations with customised special tooling available for specific requirements. Feature excellent repeatability of cylinder stroke at accuracy of ±0.1mm and easy to learn programmable controller. Manual backgauge for accurate positioning and name-brand electric and hydraulic components ensure reliability.

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Sunrise Fluid Power Inc.

Sunrise Manufacturing
Sunrise Ironworkers

Sunrise metal fabrication machines are designed with multi-functions to save labour, time, energy and cost. This versatility allows the Sunrise hydraulic machines to meet the diversified needs of the metal fabricating industry today.

Maximum efficiency and long life is guaranteed by using the latest manufacturing methods, including powerful CAD design and a modern production line with CNC equipment and continuous quality control.

Sunrise is ISO-9001 certified by BVQI and all Sunrise metal fabricating machinery meets the CE safety requirements and regulations.

Why choose Sunrise Hydraulic Machines?

  Quality Control

All key components are made in-house using the latest control systems to ensure highly efficient production. Quality assurance ensures precision standards of machined parts are met or surpassed and before shipping each machine goes through intensive quality and performance tests.

  Extensive Choice

Sunrise has the broadest range of ironworker and punching machine models compared to any other metal fabricating machinery manufacturer.

  Durability, Accuracy & Versatility

Besides the popular single and dual cylinder models, Sunrise also offers the K-series line of ironworkers which provide vertical movement at all stations to guarantee less deformation, better results and longer tooling life.

“Our business succeeds on the Worldwide market by delivering quality parts, on time and at a competitive cost. Often, our major structural contracts are won on capability to deliver against challenging designs in a world of ever more complicated geometries. Working with WJS Machine Tools and their partners has allowed us to develop machines for this purpose”

CB – Section Bending Specialist