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Sunrise CNC Automation Machines deliver highly efficient and accurate positioning offering the option of semi-automatic and fully automatic CNC systems with simple user-friendly interfaces that will improve your productivity.

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Sunrise Semi-Auto Table

Semi-automatic CNC positioning tables for plate, angle and channel positioning with simple user-friendly interfaces. Available as a factory-installed option on any Dual-Cylinder Ironworker or Punching Machine with a 510mm or larger throat depth. Operation is CNC controlled using a pendant mounted controller with easy programming and a virtually indestructible design. The operator simply positions the plate against the CNC-controlled X and Y stops and initiates the punch sequence. Ideal for base plates, connection plates, angles, channels.

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Sunrise Fully-Auto Table

Fully-automatic CNC system delivering highly efficient and accurate positioning to improve your productivity. The controller is easy to learn and operate, so you can begin operations almost immediately. Hydraulic clamps with a pressure sensor for a strong grip on the materialm are standard. The included hydraulic stripper comes with exchangeable plates to suit a variety of punching operations. Ball transfer units on the support table provide smooth material movement. Cover has an interlock switch for ensured operator safety.

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Sunrise CNC Plate Feeder

Automatic CNC plate shear feeding system available as a factory-installed addition to Sunrise dual-cylinder ironworkers with 100 tons or more capacity. Dramatically reduces manual shearing time and plate positioning. Omron touch-screen controller provide operator simple programming to input material length, cut lengths and number of pieces needed. Automatically processes the plate to length. Features knurled drive rollers, hydraulic hold-down and proximity sensors to achieve the highest quality parts.

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Sunrise ANC Angle Feeder PM-80T-ANC

The Sunrise PM-80T-ANC Angle Feeder is a fully automatic single-axis in-feed system for punching angles, channel webs, and flat plates, available in 6000mm X-axis travel distance. The main frame of the ANC is a heavily proportioned machined structural steel tube that provides unmatched rigidity and quality, yet offers simple set-up, adjustment and maintenance. The ANC features a hydraulic stripper as well as pneumatic material clamping for fully automatic operation. In-feed roller tables and support stand are included for full support of the material.

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Sunrise Auto Punch and Shear APS-30080MM

The Sunrise Auto Punch and Shear APS-30080M is a CNC positioning and feeding system uses a heavily proportioned machined structural steel tube that provides unmatched rigidity and quality, yet offers simple set-up, adjustment and maintenance. The APS automatic punch and shear combines a punching machine with a shearing machine and a CNC in-feed system for punching and shearing flat bars in one fully automatic operation.

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Sunrise ALS-1506 Angle Line System

The Sunrise ALS-1506S angle line system is the newest addition to the Sunrise automatic products designed with ease of operation in mind and manufactured with unmatched rigidity and durability. The ALS-1506S is able to punch and shear 2” to 6” angle and flat bar in one fully automatic process. Despite the advancement of laser equipment, punch and shear remain the easiest, most efficient and economical method to process angle material.

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Sunrise CNC Automation Controller

The Sunrise CNC Automation Controller has Omron HMI and PLC for high reliability. Very user friendly interface for easy operation. Preview work piece before executing. Pre-programmed common patterns to get you started immediately with CF card slot for data backup.

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“Our business succeeds on the Worldwide market by delivering quality parts, on time and at a competitive cost. Often, our major structural contracts are won on capability to deliver against challenging designs in a world of ever more complicated geometries. Working with WJS Machine Tools and their partners has allowed us to develop machines for this purpose”

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