Sunrise ALS-1506 Angle Line System

The Sunrise ALS-1506 Angle Line System is the newest addition to the Sunrise automatic products designed with ease of operation in mind and manufactured with unmatched rigidity and durability. The ALS-1506 is able to punch and shear 2” to 6” angle and flat bar in one fully automatic process. Despite the advancement of laser equipment, punch and shear remain the easiest, most efficient and economical method to process angle material.

  • 6m feeder (option for extension available) which uses a heavily proportioned machined structure steel tube and rollers made from solid steel with bearings for good contact and support of work piece.
  • Main stations come in one unit with fully enclosed covers, providing not just visual attractiveness, but also ease of setup and unparalleled safety standard for the operator.
Sunrise Auto Punch and Shear APS-30080M

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Maximum angle: 152x152x12mm
Minimum angle: 50x50x5mm
Maximum flat bar: 152x12mm
Minimum flat bar: 50x5mm
Rack-n-pinion feeding system: 6m standard, extension to 9m or 12m optional
Minimum Scrap: 150mm

Punching stations

  • Two punching stations each with 45 tons capacity
  • Single punch per leg: max. hole: ø30
  • Hydraulic strippers for both punching stations
  • One-button tool change position for easy tool change

Shearing station

  • Shearing station with 160 tons capacity
  • Hydraulic shearing holddown include
  • Special upper blade for shearing flat bar is included as standard.


  • Included as standard a stamping station: utilize pre-loaded cassette type for faster execution time
  • Adjustable stamping pressure for suitable stamping force


  • Nexcom fan-less PC based controller with intel CPU
  • MS Windows 7 embedded version
  • 15” touch screen
  • Build-in wifi, Ethernet port, USB ports for connectivity
  • Direct import of .dxf files into controller
  • Pre-view of work piece and real-time progress monitoring during program execution
  • Halting of program allow temporary pause of program execution for stamp tool change, inspection of piece done, and resume from point left offI/O screen for diagnostics, full log of activities, and Backup function

Other features

  • Pneumatic clamps with exchangeable teeth for various material
  • Mitsubishi servo motors for all 3 axes. Punch servo motors with brake feature
  • Safety cover all round with interlocked access doors and status indicating lights
  • Pneumatic holddown roller to ensure good material contact with the support rollers for better accuracy
  • Material length probing sensor for checking correct material loaded
  • Hydraulic motors: 15HP for shearing cylinder, 7.5HP for punching and stamping cylinders, 5HP for hydraulic stripper and holddown
  • Oil tank: 280 liters
  • Oil cooling system include
  • Machine weight (exclude feeder): 5,800 kgs

SUNRISE Fluid Power ALS New Angle Line System


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